Thursday, July 1, 2010

2nd Issue of My Newspaper for Kids

July's issue is out and I'm having fun distributing it throughout Fauquier County! It's definately more of a challenge with the kiddos home from school but it is so much easier now that I have my distribution list down. I "work in" paper drop-offs between swimming lessons and grocery runs. Today we hit the Fauquier libraries to take in our due books and pick up new ones. The kids "spun the wheel" for a prize since they had each read a book and I was able to deliver my papers at the same time! I'm working the Zen moments! Otherwise, it's constant arguments and debates about who was right when he/she decided to ignore/scream at the other.

The other issue I'm working on is determining what publishing software I should use. After two prints, I'm learning I probably need to purchase better software or atleast a higher end pdf maker. My ads are not as crisp as I'd like them. Having a real estate and writing background is not equivalent to a computer degree as you can imagine but that will not deter me! I'm researching online and making phone calls to all the publications I think have a great output to discover what they use.

It's funny when you find something you feel passionate about, the small obstacles are just that. You have to approach them with fearlessness, pick them up and analyze them, find a proper solution then toss 'em. Isn't it the same way with writing?

This isn't my immediate solution to a job but somehow I don't care. I'm loving in and I've met so many great folks because of it. Plus, when a kid says, "A paper just for me?!", I lose it!