Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Fauquier Kid

Starting a business is really time consuming. It also consumes the mind. I literally had to cut some things out to make my new endeavor happen. Blogging was one of them. Writing was the second, unfortunately. Well, I'm back to writing and boy have I missed it! And, I'm back to blogging, too.

I've started a newspaper for kids, The Fauquier Kid. It has local news, stories, book reviews, puzzles, and more. My first issue came out this Saturday at our local spring festival in Warrenton. I believe I passed out about 1,500 copies. Boy was I pooped at the end of the day! It was really excited and the feedback from kids and parents was great.

A lot of kids were excited to know they could write for the paper, something I really hope becomes a reality. Not only am I asking the kids to submit news articles, but there will be story contests as well. Kids can learn how to write for an audience as well as the ins and outs of submission guidelines. And, see their name in print!

The local paper here does not subscribe to The Mini Page so unless you get The Washington Post, your kids wouldn't have their own paper. The Fauquier Kid will be very different from TMP as well as it will be focused more on the kids in the county.

The paper is free, paid for by advertisers. It's a great outlet for local businesses looking to reach kids and their folks. I am currently working on distribution. Already it has been placed in several locations including the pediatriians office, restaurants and the boys and girls club. I am meeting with the public libraries as well as other facilities to gain permission as well. It all takes so much time. But, if it works (and I'm working my butt off to see that it does) it will be a great community service as well as a lot of fun for me!