Monday, June 7, 2010

We Writers Need a Stop Watch

This is the first page of June's issue, my first as a Newspaper Gal! I hope to be one for a long time. Each day I'm either distributing papers, calling or dropping in on prospective advertisers, reading a couple of chapters for the next book review or drafting an ad for a business in town.

The local community has been really great. Everyone is excited and supportive. I continue to talk to my printer to learn how to make the product even better and my idea notebook has become my newspaper book. The paper will continue to be 4 pages until the school year starts. At that time, I will assess the need to make it 8 and go from there.

I've learned the need to set immediate and long term goals. I have always struggled with my writing goals but having a deadline (a print date) really doesn't give one a choice! I like that and apparently need it. So, it got me thinking, if each of us writers had a henchman to answer to, would we keep our self inflicted timelines? I'd bet a large sum , we all would!

I'd ask Nev to be my goal keeper except I know he wouldn't touch that job with a 50 foot pole! For now, I'm glad to have my paper to keep me moving forward and I'm glad it makes me write atleast a chapter of my new story every 30 days!