Sunday, April 18, 2010

My New Business is Coming Soon!

Wanted you guys to know I am starting up a new project. Not necessarily a story project but an idea I have had for a long time and am now focusing on. May be an answer to my "job" need but probably not entirely. Even if this new project is a partial answer, it would be fantastic because it definately involves children's writing. I can NOT wait to tell all of you about it but need to get to a point where it's ready to roll out.

Until then, I am continuing to read your blogs as often as possible and will keep trying to blog myself if even more sporadic than before. There is sooo much work to a start-up especially when you are doing all the work yourself. But, can i tell you guys, there are so many supportive professionals out there who are willing to help that I have a renewed hope in my fellow neighbors. Sometimes the world feels like one big bucket of competitors until you start meeting the individuals who are willing to help even if you may be a competitor yourself. I am meeting all kinds of wonderful colleagues that I'm enjoying all this work even more.

I so can't wait to convey my new business to my blogger pals. It's part of what is pushing me to move fast. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Desperately Need an Outline!

So, with my first novel Homer and Rosie, I outlined it prior to putting pen to paper to write even a sentence. The main reason was it was required for one of the final lessons of my Institute of Children's Literature class. Once I began writing, it came easy.

When I began The Companion, I did a lot of preparation but I did not do an outline. I was desperate to begin writing it. So, I began without knowing the plot points, the climax and the ending! You may ask, "Why would you do that Jenn?" I know. Stupidity seems to hit after the fact, huh?! After struggling for months, I have finally realized I don't work this way!

I now have to put it aside for a bit. I'm too entrenched in it to see past it. So, The Companion folder is going to rest for a while on the shelf. I have begun to outline a new story and boy am I excited to be outlining! I forgot how much I enjoyed it!

Do you outline? How do you handle your pre-writing?