Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcome Aboard the Baby Vessel

I haven't posted in a while. Been very busy planning my little (and only) sister's baby shower. It's today and I really hope it goes well. I usually think baby shower games are really cheesy but believe I have some good ones planned. Should be fun especially if most of the guests have a little wine before hand (which I've no doubt they will!).
I have to say, even though it is way too early to be up and I didn't sleep that well worrying, I'd much rather be on this side of things. I really disliked having showers thrown for me. I don't do well as the center of attention. I'd rather be one of the crowd that others look at and say, "hey, she's got great shoes on". It's so much better than when you're the "it" girl. And, the unwrapping presents part!! Ugh! Everyone staring at you and waiting for your response. How many times can you say, "Oh, how cute. I just love it!". Not that I didn't appreciate everything I got at all three showers. I did. But, at the co-ed shower my girlfriends threw for us, I opened the gifts as soon as my guests brought them in. That was the condition my husband made for agreeing in the first place to a co-ed baby shower. Can you blame him? What guy wants to sit and watch you unwrap ten different types of burp cloths?

As each couple arrived, I shooed the husband/boyfriends out back to where the Heineken keg was (for the guests, not me of course) and the girl and I opened the gift she no doubt picked out by herself. Then, I displayed them in my daughter's nursery for anyone who really wanted to see all that loot.

But, Lori loves to be the "it" girl. She enjoys having her picture taken as often and as much as possible. And, you'd think she was conceited. But, no way. She just likes to look great and have her pic taken. And, she's good at it. I, however, take a terrible photo. So, today, I will be taking all the shots of her.

When I threw my daughter's 5th birthday party (mermaid theme of course), I wore a sarong and sandels to be one of the crew. My sister came to help wearing, wait for it, a sarong and sandles. Now, Lori and her husband used to live at the beach. He grew up in N.C. Her baby room and, in fact her house, is decorated very beachy. So, she wanted a nautical feel to her party. We chose turqoise and blues.

This time, we've talked about what we planned to wear. She, because it's all about her for this one day. Me, because I better have it planned and ironed so I don't stress about something else. Lori is wearing white slacks and a navy top with printed sailboats on her head sarong (what is that thing anyway? Cooler than a headband but not really a scarf?). Guess what I laid out? White skirt and a navy top. Yesterday, I told her we were going to be like cruise directors on The Love Boat. We laughed and then discussed how we have done this all our lives. Woken up for school planning to wear the same sweater. Think I will be able to blend in dressed like Julie and asking everyone as they arrive if I can take their purse?

I ramble. Probably because it's not quite 5:00 a.m. so I better sail out.

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