Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Toast to Unplug Week

Novice blogger that I am, I have just heard it is Unplug Week. I plugged in to check a few of my favorite sites and read Susan Mills' blog A Walk in My Shoes. Thank you Susan for letting me know. Apparently, this is the time to stop blogging, twittering and posting on facebook and write. If you are a writer I guess.

So, I will see all of you in a week. By then, I hope I have found a name for my first novel (I don't understand why I'm having such difficulty since the story line is finished) and accomplished more research for my 2nd novel!

I keep hearing Tom Petty's song, "Free Falling". And, I'm feeling it!

Here's to hoping all of you having a productive writing week!


  1. I've heard about it, but that's not the reason I haven't posted. I'm having internet connection issues. I don't think I could unplug for a week. I'm trying a new writing schedule to limit the amount of online time that I spend, but a week?...Um, don't think I could wait that long! Titles can be tricky. I had a difficult time with mine, and I usually don't. I pulled out a legal pad and jotted down phrases that I like from the story. Then I used a thesauras to play around with those phrases. Don't worry - it will come.

  2. Thanks for passing the word around about Unplug Week. I think it's a great thing. Good luck finding your title. Have a great week of writing.

  3. As soon as you're back, check out my blog post for July 22. You have something waiting for you.