Friday, July 17, 2009

The Fairy and the Transformer

Last summer, I hosted a Fairy Tea Party for fiveteen 6 year olds. Our dining room was draped with english ivy and toile. Lace and pink flowered miniature tea cups graced the table. Small silver and gold picture frames designated where my daughter chose each of her guests to sit. I drew a fairy holding a butterfly in icing on the cake. Classical music permeated the dining room from the adjacent sunporch. It was all very, well, girly.

Today, I will visit our local Walmart. I will purchase a Transformer table cloth, plates, cups, napkins, and pinata. We're only having family. I can get away with this for one more year anyway. But, we will decorate. We will all hit the Transformer which I will fill with dark chocolate. Well, maybe some other kind of "funner" candy as my little man would say. He will run around the house yelling, "Transformer, more than meets the eye" while punching the air with his little fists.

Two very different tales. Two very different kids. And, yet, my son sat at that fairy table. He drank tea and ate pimento cheese sandwiches. He giggled with the girls and yelled to my daughter from the other end.

My daughter will hit that pinata and probably be the one to bring it down. She will finish his chorus, "Transformers, robots in disquise". She will be thrilled for him when he receives his Darth Vadar light saber (after all, she has an Anikan one!). In her dress, she will have a duel Lucas would be proud to see.

I had a sister. One I wouldn't trade for the world. We tend to do things exactly alike. I mean even down to the colors in our house. Our kitchens and bathrooms are exactly the same paint color and we didn't even realize it for the longest time. It's nice and we get a lot of laughs. But, isn't it nice to have a brother? Someone who can teach you to appreciate the testosterone of life? I told my husband last night that our daughter is better prepared to receive friends in the shape of boys than I ever was. She already knows what is important to them. Heck, it's important to her too!

Oh, but one thing that concerns me. My son wants Megatron and Optimus Prime to have a battle on his cake. How am I supposed to draw that one? I can't even tell them apart!

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  1. Too funny! I have two brothers. They definitely taught me a great deal about what being a boy is all about. It's a good thing, too. Now I have two sons. I think I'm better equipped to deal with their boyish behavior because of my brothers. Now my daughter, well, she doesn't like their behavior so much!
    Hope the party goes well.