Thursday, July 30, 2009

Music to the Rescue

The idea I'm working on next is so completely different than my first. I can barely think of anything else. Except waiting for critiques of Homer because I am still in love with Homer the pony! Afterall, he was my first.

I enjoy this part of the writing process because the possibilities are endless. I like the setup. The creating of characters, choosing a name that fits, figuring out where they will live and what makes them tick. And, of course, their conflict. I haven't done this in about two years when I started Homer and Rosie. .

My character, I think she'll be Claire, will be living in about 1959. This is one of my favorite time periods. My folks were just kids. So, I'm doing research; finding out what movies and music they were enjoying. Specific songs and t.v. shows.

And, I'm doing what helps me "get in the mood". I listen to the characters' music. While I was in the middle of creating Homer and all the barn animals, I listened to country because after all, that is what a pony from Virginia listenes to in the barn. The burro liked opera so I had to listen to some of that too.

I haven't downloaded actual 1959 music, yet. But, I have been listening to bluegrass and other music like Simon and Garfunkel, even though they came a little later. I put on the soundtrack to "Oh, Brother Where Art Thou" the other day in the car and my daughter said, "Mom what isss thiss?" Then I put on Vampire Weekend, which reminds me of a current day S&G, and she perked up.

What part of the process do ya'll like? Is it the setup? And, are there things you like to do to get the feel of your characters?


  1. I love the set up part. It's like you have this whole blank canvas in front of you and you can put anything you want on it. I also am inspired by listening to music. My first novel is a contemporary YA, so I listened to all the music my kids liked. By the way, I missed this post yesterday because my blog roll still has your last post as your most recent one. That darn blogger! Sometimes it just drives me crazy!

  2. Jenn, that's so funny - I do that too! Each one of my projects always has a theme song. There was an article about this in last month's SCBWI newsletter. Playing your manuscript's soundtrack helps put you in the writing mood. Works for me!

  3. That's awesome, Amy!

    And LW, I started writing this post yesterday but was totally distracted by the family's needs and in my haste to get it posted today before it all broke loose, forgot to change the post date.