Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Vow to Love My Writing Until it is Finished

I am beginning to think writing is a little like marriage. Currently, I'm working on a project I am calling The Companion. I found what I believe to be a great story idea and character. I met that character at a party. Baby shower to be exact but there was plenty of wine flowing so I'd say it was a party.

She and I talked for several weeks until I decided I couldn't be okay without her. I couldn't and didn't really want to push her from my head. So, I commited to tell her story.

I began researching and developing the story and I met all her family and friends. I began writing a few opening paragraphs, testing the waters.

Then, I got cold feet! Now, I think she's mad at me. I started to question whether I could handle this story. Was I capable of telling her story and doing it justice? I didn't think I could go through with it and I began doing everything without her.

I started editing Homer and Rosie, AGAIN! I began piddling around, not focusing and running around on her. Now, I'm feeling really guilty. She's a great character and she has a great life story. I need to tell it. But, I can't find her. She left me and now I'm unsure how to find her!

Any advice?


Down and Out
My character is lost!


  1. Hello Jennifer,
    Just wanted to commiserate with you. My writing is lost for now as well--not just a character. I blog, I comment, but no new writing on WIPS. I'm just patiently waiting for the Muse to show up.

  2. She'll come back. I've had it happen before. I think you might just not have been ready to write about her. When you are ready, she will reappear!

  3. I usually let an idea fester for a while, because sometimes it turns into something, and other times I may have only one piece of the puzzle. Give it some time, and don't force it. Then one day, WHAM! You may stumble upon a big chunk of the puzzle and you'll be glad that you waited. I'm so glad to hear that you're still working on Rosie!

  4. Well, you orginally found her with wine, right? Okay, all kidding aside, she'll be back.

  5. Oh, like everyone else here, we share your loss, but of course it will return. Right now, my new book is disturbing my sleep and making me irritable during the day, and I've barely written a word yet! It's like being constipated, honestly...