Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where is Your Writing Seat?

(I'm endeavoring to get back to business. More about writing, less about personal. It seems since my vacation over a month ago, my mind has been unfocused and full of cob webs and it's flowing into this blog. Time to clean those suckers out!)

I remember reading that Stephen King mainly wrote in an office in his home. Once he became well published, he bought a very expensive and heavy desk. He didn't like it. I think this was in the middle of his affair with drugs. He got rid of it. Then, more recently and after his accident (where a truck ran him down while he was out for his daily walk) he wrote in a side area of the laundry room. He needed his wife close by.

I tend to write wherever the heck I am when I have the time. That's a function of being a parent and a writer, I am sure. It can be in the car while my daughter takes her riding lessons, in the car while she takes ballet class (if my son is not with me which rarely happens), at my desk in the kid's playroom (only really works when no one is home!), at the kitchen counter when the playroom gets boring or at one of my local coffee shops.

Most are pretty productive places but honestly, I prefer the legal pad at the coffee shop. I am more productive when I am not at home because there are no undone chores calling my name. My favorite spot right now while the weather is nice is outside a cafe on Main Street that I can walk to where it is unlikely I will not see someone I know.

Today a stranger asked me why I had no child in my stroller (well, mam, because he is at school). I had walked my daughter to her elementary school, my son to preschool and myself to get some joe. Can't get better than that! The long haired coffee guy even loaned me a pen. That's the only drawback to writing on the go; forgeting your favorite pencil!

If my husband and I ever make it back to Amsterdam, I will definately do some writing at one of their many qaint cafes like the one pictured above!

Where is your favorite spot? What places provide the best environment for your productivity? Do you require a silent atmosphere or caotic? A comfy chair or a harsh one? Are your kids running around or do you only write while they are at school or napping? Do you prefer ultimate comfortable clothing (like my uniform of yoga pants and flops) or are you showered and professionally attired? If you're showered and attired, you're admired. :) (Couldn't help myself)


  1. I'm like you; I write everywhere I can. I'm not picky. The only place I don't do it is at my desk. I hand write everything first, so the only time I actually write at my desk is when I'm typing what I've already written.

  2. I have to be at my desk or at least have my laptop. My favorite time to write is after the children leave for school. By the time they come back at 3, it's chaos.

  3. I'm either at my desk or on the couch. When I'm trying to work something out, I need quiet, but when the words are flowing, I block out whatever noise is around me. (Too bad that's so rare.) I dream of the day when I have an office of my very own where I can't see the TV, or hear the kids on the sidewalk outside.

  4. For me- I sit in my favorite recliner with my macbook and click away. I don't write any other way, but I'm sure I could. I've just gotten so used to it. I work during the day so I write late at night, after my hubs goes to bed.

    It seems to be working. I think I need increase my output though- Facebook and Twitter can be time suckages, and yet, very important :)