Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stinkerbutt (beware, this post is gaseous)

When my kids were babies, I would carry them around and sing to them. I have a horrible voice. Seriously. I knew very few songs, especially baby songs, so I would make up my own lyrics. Much more fun.

I also made up names for my kids. I do use some of the oldies but goodies. Darlin', Sweetheart, Sugar (pronounced shuugar). Now, when I was a little girl, we used the word stinker when we had a little gas. Being sweet southern little ladies, my sister and I would not use the word fart. I usually handled my gas in private. My sister was a different story. My mom also used to call people stinkers. In her book, if you were a stinker, you were interesting. It was high praise.

So, when I first had my daughter, Stinkerbutt became a Major original and often used in our household. "Hey, my little stinkerbutt, how did you sleep?" for instance. Or, "Don't be a stinkerbutt to your sister!". It is used as a term of endearment as well as to inform the child they are misbehaving. Somehow, my kids know how to determine my usage.

But, now my son is using the word in public. He has a very loud voice that carries. My very proper husband is appalled. He blames me of course eventhough he has used it as well. It is my fault. But, shouldn't I be able to make up words using gassy terms? And, shouldn't I be able to call my children by them? Do I always have to use the boring, sickly sweet terms like sweetheart? I mean, I don't cuss anymore (mostly). I can't even use the word jerk when someone cuts me off while driving. My son reprimands me. What am I left with except made up words that include bodily functions? I certainly don't want to be boring. That would be the highest crime!


  1. LOL

    There are a lot worse things to call people, and I think Stinkerbutt is cute. I used to make up names for my daughter all the time, but for the life of me, I can't think of a single one right now. She's a teen now, so cute names are out. Instead, I make up names for the cat.

  2. Stinkerbutt! I love it! Might have to use it in my next picture book :)

  3. I say use whatever words you want. And as for your son walking around saying stinkerbutt in public, well it could be a lot worse! :)

  4. Thanks everyone! Maybe I should come up with some new outrageous ones! Corey, have at it. B.E., I bet your cat loves the attention. I don't want my kids to turn into teenagers.

  5. I say you should get your son to start saying something even worse than Stinkerbutt. That'd make your dh change his tune. :)