Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm Filled to the Brim

I'm officially addicted. To iced coffee. It started this summer and I'm afraid I may not be able to kick it until my old house gets so cold, I have to write wrapped in a blanket! Then I may begin brewing a hot pot midday.

It started early summer when I had a Starbucks frappucinno for the first time since I quit my real estate job to be a stay at home mom. They are not only full of calories and fat but cost around $4.00. I've always prefered to have 2 hot coffees that don't stress me out about packing on the lbs!

But, I'd had a really bad day and needed some caffeine so I headed for the drivethru at Starbucks. I would like to say that having a drivethru at something other than a McDonalds is definately a reason to move to the country. Especially when you have small kids you have to lug into every errand you run.

As I stared at my options, I considered a sweet latte. Caramel probably. Then I saw the chilled options and I was a gonner. I can't say why I became weak that day. Maybe it was because it was unusually warm or maybe I just really needed sugar combined with caffeine. And, I gave in.

A week or so later, I made my very pregnant sister swing into the new Starbucks in Front Royal. First, I never thought my old hometown would get any kind of coffee store. Now, I'm kind of sad it did. It's resting on old farmland. But, anyhoo, I got an iced caramel coffee. With whipped. And the syrup drizzled on the top. I gave her a taste. Now she is hooked too. UhOh.

Then I realized I had to make a change or else my swimsuits would no longer fit and noone would want to see me in them. So, I started using the old coffee in my pot leftover from the morning. Each day, when my kids were having their quiet time, i'd pour coffee over ice, add a shot of 2% milk and a little of my son's Hershey's syrup. Just a little. Yum.

Now, I'm alternating between syrup and International Coffees as my additive. It's not Starbucks but it's better than diet Pepsi for my midday kick except I'm now having 2. One on my way out the door in the morning and the other after lunch. When should I get worried? When I start having one at dinner? My sister gave me a Starbucks gift card for my birthday. Maybe now is the time to worry!


  1. I've never gotten into the iced coffees, but I do love a good Caramel MooLatte at Dairy Queen.

  2. I don't like iced coffee, but I love hot coffee. I'm addicted to it. There are a lot worse addictions out there. :)

  3. I so agree. I used to think they were absurd. Now I just can't wait to have one!

  4. I don't drink coffee because I have a bad reaction to caffeine. But I, too, love iced lattes, and I treat myself to decaf ones every once in awhile. My husband's cousin, who lives in Plainview, Texas, a small town of 23,000, calls Starbucks Fourbucks. But as addictions go, this isn't a bad one.

  5. Oh my! That sounds wonderful! I'll have to try that - Starbucks is on the way to my Spanish class. Hey Jenn, are you thinking about going to the conference? Cause if you are, we could meet and sit together.