Wednesday, February 3, 2010

King of Characterization

I have finished Stephen King's Under the Dome! What a feat. At 1,100 words approximately, it took me quite a while. I'm a slow reader anyway, reading every word, which I know is the wrong way to read but wasn't told that before it became a habit. I savor every word like a piece of chocolate. A Hershey kiss can last me ten minutes!

Anyway, I have to say I'm not usually into paranormal enough to read that many words but Mr. King is my exception. Having only read Pet Cemetary in highschool, I took a break from his work until a couple of years ago. Nev convinced me that he wasn't the pop culture writing machine just because everyone loves a scary story but due to his ability to write well. With that in mind, I picked up Insomnia and became a Stephen King fan. Then after reading his book titled On Writing , I fell in love.

Under the Dome was a heck of a good read. Enough to have me sitting at our counter reading on Saturday mornings while Nev made breakfast. While the kids called, "Mom, Mom, moooommmm" and I would finally hear them after like the 10th time! I tune out all but the story while reading a good book.

Stephen King gets you in the begining because of his great characters. And, that's not to say they are unusual but rather realistic. Normal characters put in extraordinary circumstances. By the time I realize I'm reading paranormal, I'm hooked! I mean what do you think might happen in your town if an unseen barrier came down one day? Think everyone would handle it the same?

What is it about his characters? It's the small dosage he gives us each page, like a trail of food. We keep picking it up, not satisfied, wanting more.

Next, I'm tackling Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna . I've missed her fiction since Prodigal Summer. I'm turning a 160! Hope you're reading something consuming today.


  1. Oh, I read about this book on another blog too! I think it was Lisa and Laura? Sounds really great!

  2. Sounds like a great read! Glad you're back - I missed your blog!

  3. THanks, Amy! I've been out of sorts lately through holidays, the kids being home a lot with this weather and taking the kids to Disney. That means a lot. I'm trying to get back in the swing!

  4. Reading your post on SK was eerie for me... because my own experience with his writing parallels yours exactly. Like you I marvel at the way he leads the reader on a fantastical journey that, no matter how bizarre, is believable because of the way he draws the reader in by the hand.

    Can't wait to read Under the Dome! My daughter just picked up Lisey's Song for me at the library.

  5. I'll have to check Lisey's Song out! Thanks, Suzette!