Saturday, February 27, 2010

Job Time is Here; Writing Persevere!

The realm of the working world has been at arms length for me for five years now. And, I have to say, I have enjoyed it tremendously! For the past four years, I have been happily writing children's stories. Now, the challenge is, how to find a part-time gig that pays fairly well (or I should say pays what I think my time is worth which is no doubt inflated because my time has become precious to me), allows a lot of flexibility so my kids don't miss out, and gives me enough time to continue writing.

The first two issues are not negotiable, of course, but the writing time can be. Or so I worry it is. How will I be able to keep it all going? Because I have to, I tell myself. And, yes, there have been lots of internal fights as well as out loud conversations with myself because come next September, when Julian climbs those school bus steps with an overlarge backpack hanging to the back of his knees, I will have a job. Some sort of employment anyways.

And, what is there really for a mom who insists on being at home when her kids get on and off the bus. Has to be the one to run them to ballet, tennis, riding and violin (and that's just Macy). Wants the flexibility to stay home when one is sick and summers fairly free so pool days are still a part of my kids' memories. NOt to mention still having some energy to take care of her husband. But, I also want, no NEED, to have time to write. I've had boughts of time where my writing has ceased due to many different reasons and I'm miserable. It's equivalent to a child who has lost her favorite stuffed toy for a bit. I feel lost.

I'm currently doing a little freelance real estate writing and it is enjoyable. Pays nothing but it does keep the fingers typing. It won't be the solution but I've decided I have to persevere. My current MC is depending on me. Her story is not finished and her story has to be told. She is one of those voices in my head I talk to. I suppose I will just have to start setting my alarm for 5:00 am again like I used to do when Julian was a baby and insisted on waking at 6:00. I can handle the lack of sleep. I will HAVE to! And, who knows, maybe I'll be more organized. That's a dream.

Okay, enough whining for me now. How do you guys do it all and keep up with your writing?


  1. I've been looking for a job like that since September. I haven't had any luck, but I think when the time is right, I'll find it. Good luck with your job search.

  2. Susan - Good luck to you too!! It's not an easy feat.

  3. How about substitute teaching?? Just a thought, then you are on the same schedule as the kids. Love reading your blog! ;o)