Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The First Storytellers I Knew

One of my early inspirations were my grandmom's sisters. She had 6! She also had 3 brothers but I didn't get a chance to meet any of them. But, her sisters were something special. Each was very different and several had quite a wit! Some of my family's folklore comes from these fine ladies.

I grew up in the same house they did. My grandmom was the oldest and because there were so many of them, many years seperated some of them in age. Therefore, my grandmom, Rose, was closer to some. But, each one influenced my childhood and adulthood.

Often, when they would visit, and many times they would visit all at once, our gatherings would take place at my house. My mom, an excellent housekeeper and decorator, would invite them over to see what was new; changed. They would walk through the old farmhouse and talk about memories that were spurred from different rooms. And, always, they would tell me about my grandmom. She was the quietest of the group. But, I got lots of scoop on those visits.

Usually, we would all settle down in the living room, or parlor. As the kid, I ended up on the floor. But, I only recall that because of the view I had of the sisters. Each laughing as they recalled something funny one of them or their parents, usually their dad, had did. And, there was always something humorous going on. Their stories would go on for hours. So enthralled, I don't remember needing a potty break.

Their stories, were my first realization that I loved stories. Loved to hang out with my grandmother's sisters and hear anything they had to say. Many kids would have given each of them a nice kiss on the cheek before going outside to play during their visits. Not I!

We've lost many of them now. My grandmom included. But their stories visit me often.

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