Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Desperately Need an Outline!

So, with my first novel Homer and Rosie, I outlined it prior to putting pen to paper to write even a sentence. The main reason was it was required for one of the final lessons of my Institute of Children's Literature class. Once I began writing, it came easy.

When I began The Companion, I did a lot of preparation but I did not do an outline. I was desperate to begin writing it. So, I began without knowing the plot points, the climax and the ending! You may ask, "Why would you do that Jenn?" I know. Stupidity seems to hit after the fact, huh?! After struggling for months, I have finally realized I don't work this way!

I now have to put it aside for a bit. I'm too entrenched in it to see past it. So, The Companion folder is going to rest for a while on the shelf. I have begun to outline a new story and boy am I excited to be outlining! I forgot how much I enjoyed it!

Do you outline? How do you handle your pre-writing?


  1. I wrote my first project without an outline, and as I rewrite it now, I realize I should have had an outline. I've outlined my other two projects, but I haven't gotten back to working on them since I did that. I'm hoping it goes much smoother than with the first one.

  2. So funny. The last post I read was StoryQueen's on why she does NOT outline :)

    I would definitely need one if I were ever going to attempt a novel!

  3. Exactly right, Corey! I thought I could be the type not to outline. Why stifle the creative process, right?! Well, I should have known better. I like to plan!

    Susan - goodluck working on your already outlined projects!

  4. I will do a sketch of what I think will happen, but I don't do a detailed outline because I need the freedom to see where it goes. I'm glad to read that you're still plugging along with the Homer & Rosie novel!

  5. Amy - a sketch is indeed the perfect amount! And, about what my "outline" would include. I wish I had atleast done that much! Violet (my MC) is not too happy with me at the moment!