Monday, December 21, 2009

A Snow Storm We'll Remember!

What a weekend! Warrenton was only a couple inches shy of two feet of snow. My husband and I were originally heading to Richmond on Friday for a Christmas party we look forward to every year. The kids were going in the opposite direction to Winchester to stay with my mother-in-law. Once we realized we probably wouldn't get home much less be able to pick up the kids on Saturday, we decided to stay home. That's when I started cheering on the weather men and hoping for more of the white stuff!

Friday afternoon at our local Giant and Walmart were insane as you can imagine. On top of it, I had Julian with me. Nev was working from home so he could attend Julian's Christmas program so we needed to be out of the house anyway. Julian sang his heart out! He doesn't talk at all in school. Unless I am there. But, he sings. And, I cried! Not blubbery, but a few tears.

After a celebratory lunch with the MIL and my folks (and my little nephew Asher), Julian and I headed to the store. Determined to have a good shopping experience with my 4 year old, he and I embraced the caos. It was one of those grocery store trips from a dream. We talked and laughed (and I bought donuts, Batman gummies and Spiderman mac and cheese). I'm sure my purchases weren't why he was happy . But, everyone in the store seemed happy, if frazzled, and pleasant. A form of camaraderie.

Around 6:00 that night, the snow started and continued until just before Nev and I went to bed Saturday night around 11:00. We watched movies, played chess, ate snow cream, drank hot chocolate and sleighed to our hearts content! My kids and I got to walk down our street to the neighbors house for a visit. Julian kept wondering if he was going to get hit by a car. Macy was just excited to be in the street.

Macy's snow pants from last year didn't fit. She had on a pair of Julian's fleece lined pants until I realized my mom had bought her a pair of insulated Carharts for those cold riding lessons. She complained and whined, saying she looked like the abominable snowman.

Then yesterday, Nev and I shoveled. And, shoveled. My back aches so bad this morning that even my morning yoga didn't ease any of the pain. But afterwards, we sleighed some more. Then I ordered better snow boots for Nev and Macy. They are due to arrive before the next snow comes on Christmas!

What fun! I know we're supposed to be in for a winter full of more weather. Bring it on!


  1. It was really something, wasn't it? The last time I remember such a storm was in 1996. My kids are STILL playing in it!

    Merry Christmas, Jen!

  2. We got about 14 inches in Penhook, VA. Some of it still on the ground after three weeks!

    (I found your blog from the Slushbusters suggestion. But I see my crit group pal, Amy Tate, got here ahead of me.)

  3. Thanks Becky! Yes, Amy was really my first blogger friend.

    Isn't it great to live in Virginia during the winter!!